Intensive and personalised 'one-to-one'

English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish courses

in total immersion

The best of both worlds:

A unique combination of an efficient language course

and a cosy homestay

An excellent training programme:

  • True immersion from breakfast until bed time
  • One-to-one lessons only
  • Fully Tailor-made course designed for you and with you
  • Structured and interactive lessons
  • Highly effective teaching method
  • Qualified and experienced teachers
  • Presence of teachers during all breaks and meals
  • Rapid progress in your listening, pronunciation and confidence
  • Guarantee to achieve your specific objectives

A cozy comfortable homestay:

  • Small number of participants each week
  • Everything under the same roof
  • Relaxed family atmosphere
  • Personal attention to your needs
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Excellent home-made meals


Thank you for the innovative approach to language learning, the wonderful teachers, and for making me feel so at home.

Margaret, USA

The teaching concept was brilliant, I made a lot of progress within just one week.

Oliver, Germany

The course is extremely well thought out, combining many hours of lessons and informal conversation, skilled teaching and a pleasant atmosphere, which makes it the ideal immersion experience.

Sue, UK

It was an exceptional experience. I had the opportunity to experience an excellent new method of learning a language.

Emilio, Spain

Pure excellence in language education! After searching for two years and taking classes at several schools, finally I've discovered one where I can make solid progress in minimal time.

Inna, USA

I would like to express my appreciation again for your lessons and hospitality during my stay. (...) Thanks to your system, I could learn exactly what I wanted.

Shinya, Japan

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